Editorial Styling | May 20, 2019

Editorial Styling | May 20, 2019

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Educator: Kat Colosimo 


Where does creativity come from? Can you teach it?
We think so! Join Luxelab Academy for this light moment-inducing, inspiration filled styling class where Kat will employ critical exercises to help you unlock your inner hair-artist and more easily let your creative light shine.
With a mix of live models and demonstrations, Kat will aid you in designing and executing your own creative looks, then capture them forever in an editorial style photo shoot complete with a professional photographer.

Tool List:

Hot Tools- irons all sizes
Flat Iron
Crimper (if you have)
Blow dryer
Diffuser/ Blow dryer sock
French lacing comb (we like the Bass brand)
Back combing comb/brush
Mason Pearson brush (or similar)
Round Brushes - all sizes
Hair pins/bobby pins- different colors and sizes
Elastic cord or bungies 
No crease clips
Duck bill clips


Luxelab Academy classes held at :

1408 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, Ca 90403 


Contact Colette Simon for more information at colette@luxelab.com or 310-255-9900

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