Exercise your Creativity. Then Snap it! | July 24th 2017

Exercise your Creativity. Then Snap it! | July 24th 2017

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Educator: Eric Garza  -  National L'Oreal Professionnal Artist and master stylist and Manager of Luxelab at the Glen in the the prestigious BelAir community
How do you become creative, Can you teach creativity? 
Being creative within our craft is something we try and express to the best of our abilities each and every day. 
Creativity is easily spotted but not easily measured. So how do we work on being creative? 
Well, Your left brain controls rationality, logic and risk-taking and your right brain controls risk-taking and creativity functions, so understanding where creativity comes from and isolating the "light bulb" moments we then can train and more easily turn on our creativity light. 
With Some critical exercises and activities you can learn to work out your right brain functions and translate it into your craft. 
Working with live models you will design and execute your own creative looks, capturing them in an editorial shoot setting and exercise your creativity in the process. 

Luxelab Academy classes held at :

1408 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, Ca 90403 

Contact Colette Simon for more information at colette@luxelab.com or 310-255-9900

*To redeem L'Oréal Professionnel points Contact the Elite Member Services at attention Barb Bickford BBickford@us.loreal.com

Contact Colette Simon for more information atcolette@luxelab.com or 310-255-9900

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