Bombshell Beach Hair | October 29th  2018

Bombshell Beach Hair | October 29th  2018

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Color and Style with Mel Neal and Lauren Sill

What better place to perfect beach hair than at Los Angeles’ most
luxurious salon by the beach?

Modern Balayage techniques from simple to advanced. Color Melting and Root Shadowing for the low maintenance client. Freehand Foiling techniques for hand-painted results with the control of foils. Loose tousled styling and iron techniques for the perfect windswept hair. Success tips to maximize ticket prices for clients who come in less often.

Tool List:

Metal tail comb
clips (at least 4)
2 balayage brush (we like Framar)
paddle brush or wet brush
round brush (small and medium)
curling iron (1 inch and/or 1 1/4")


Luxelab Academy classes held at :

1408 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, Ca 90403 

Contact Colette Simon for more information at or 310-255-9900


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